Ncell launched its new service to customers, Music Station Service:”Make your Phone, your Music-station”


Ncell launched its new service in Nepal called Music Station Service. Ncell launched this service with the motive that, now customers listen huge variety of their favorite songs anytime anywhere in their own smartphones. The multiple features and music genres, Ncell launched Music Station Service for its customers.

The important feature this service has got is, it tracks the songs heard by subscriber over time and plays a selection based on previously heard songs.

Yonder music app is now globally shutdown and including Nepal, so many people are missing this app, to fulfill the need of this app. Ncell launched the Music Station Service.This app got the features like:- dedicating tracks, song search, recording own voice, best user recorded songs and adding playlist.

How to activate Music Station Service in your smartphone?

You can easily activate this service by just dialing 17140 with your Ncell Mobile number. The number is toll free.

Check the detail subscription plan, rate and time of subscription of  Music Station Service

Ncell Music station pack type Validity (in day/event) Rate (Rs.) Free Minutes
Non-recurring 1 3 30
Recurring/Non-recurring 7 15 150
Recurring/Non-recurring 30 50 500


After the subscripted free minutes is over you will be charged extra.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the Music Station Service

Service Activation Mode Activation Keyword for Auto Renewal Activation Keyword for Non Auto Renewal Deactivate Keyword Subscription Pack
IVR Dial 17140,Press 2, Press 1 Dial 17140 and press 3 for deactivation Daily
IVR Dial 17140, Press 1, Press2 Dial 17140, Press 2, Press 2 Dial 17140 and press 3 for deactivation Weekly
IVR Dial 17140, Press 1, Press 3 Dial 17140,Press 2, Press 3 Dial 17140 and press 3 for deactivation Monthly


You can also activate subscription by USSD as well by dialing *17140*5#.

Dial 17140 Select any category while listening the song press 5 for dedication  Press 1 to enter mobile number of your friend/loved one Press 1 to confirm.

You can check you favorite songs by Dialing 17140 >Press 5 for Song Search > Press 2 to enter DAC code of the song

You can check the music station balance by typing BAL and send it to 17140 or call 17140 and press 2.