Ncell TV Pack

Ncell has launched a new service named Mobile TV Packs, that enables its customers to watch live TV in mobile at an affordable rate. Ncell customers can now watch their favorite Live TV Channels and Movies in their Android phones and iOS devices with the extended TV packs offer of Ncell.

The service which came effect from Wednesday, October 26. Depending upon customers’ requirement, the postpaid and prepaid customers of the telecommunication service provider can buy packs containing time durations of 30 minute, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours to use the TV app. A 30 minutes pack costs Rs 35 and while for 1 hour pack is available for Rs 60. Similarly, 2 hours and 3 hours packs cost Rs 100 and Rs 150, respectively.

For this, Ncell has partnered with Net TV App from which the users can watch TV online by subscribing the packs. Net TV Nepal is the first IP TV service of Nepal having the license for IP television from Nepal Government. Net TV provides services like LIVE Channels, Movies, Catch-up TV and On-Demand Video contents. Net TV currently features NTV Plus, Nepal TV, Kantipur TV, Sagarmatha TV, ABC TV, Sony Entertainment, National Geo, Colors TV and many more.

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What is Ncell TV Pack?
A special discounted hourly TV packs which can be used to watch favorite TV channels and shows in Net TV Nepal app via Ncell network.

What are the available Ncell TV packs?
Currently there are 4 types of 1-day TV packs available which are as below:
1-day TV packs Rate (inclusive of taxes)
30 minute pack Rs. 35
1 hour pack Rs. 60
2 hour pack Rs. 100
3 hour pack Rs. 150

How can I activate this service?
Service can be activated by following instructions after dialing 17133 or *17133#.

In which tariff plans will this service be applicable?
This will be applicable in all prepaid and postpaid plans except connect data SIMs.

Are the products auto-renewable or one-time?
The products are available in both auto-renewable and one time feature and you can use any you like.

What will be the validity of different products?
Validity of one time product will be 24 hours from the time of activation. Validity of auto renewable product will be mid-night of the same day

How long will this campaign be valid?
This will be valid for duration of 15 days (October 26, 2016 to November 9, 2016).

Which services will I be able to watch with the TV pack resource?
All live TV and some famous movies can be watched with the TV pack resource.

How would I know that I would be charged separately for certain movies & TV content in Net TV Nepal app?
In that case, you will be shown a pop-up notification stating that you will be charged as per the data plans and you will have the option to either watch it or cancel it.

Is multiple subscription of same pack allowed?

Multiple subscription of same pack is allowed but only for one-time product. For auto-renewable products of same time frame, multiple subscription is not allowed.

What is the priority of the resource in case I purchase both one time and auto renewable?
Priority for one time product resource is higher than auto renewable product.

How can I know how much of resource I have remaining for TV pack?
You can dial *901# to know how much resource you have remaining for TV packs.

The TV pack has the validity of 24 hours, if I buy 30 minute TV pack then do I have to watch TV continuously for 30 minutes or it can be use any time within 24 hours?
You can watch TV anytime within 24 hours in Net TV Nepal app with Ncell TV pack.