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National Examination Board officially published the class 11 result which was conducted in Baisakh 30, 2075 to Jestha 09, 2075. This year total 5 lakhs 48 thousand 445 students fill up the Class 11 exam form. Out of total students who fill up exam form 3 lakh 32 thousand 891 are of Regular and remaining students are of Partial. Total 100 exam paper were cancelled.

Total 8949 students has got the GPA in between 3.21 to 3.60, 48731 students got GPA in between 2.41 to 2.80, 92593 students got the GPA in between 1.61 to 2.00 and 8127 studenta got the GPA in between 0.81 to 1.20.

NEB Class 11 result published

Last year, Class 11 result was published on Poush 19, 2074 wheras Class 11 result of 2075 is published today Ashoj 20, 2075. After Board meeting finished, National Examination Board published the class 11 result.

class 11 result published

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