Nepal Government is planning to bring smart “Laal Purja” instead of old and paper “Laal Purja”

Nepal Government is planning to bring smart “Laal Purja card” instead of old and paper “Laal Purja”

Day by day,Nepal government is being digitalize. Most of the government work can be done through online. So, with this continuation, Ministry of Land Reform and Management is planning to bring “Smart Laal Purja card” in Nepal.

Nepal government is moving forward to bring “Smart Laal Purja” card instead of old and paper laal purja. In old paper Laal purja, the paper quality is not so good that results the damage of ink, photos and information written inside the laal purja very soon. Which is not safe and brings heavy risk in our life. So, in order to eradicate such problems and risk, government has put step forward in bringing “Smart Laal Purja Card” in Nepal.

If all the government papers and work are digitalize with such technology then it helps to finish the government related work more quickly, efficiently and accurately. According of to Shambhu Koirala (secretary of Ministry Of land Reform and Management), “the study process to bring smart laal purja in Nepal is already started and this card plays vital role in Land transacations. In order to bring a safe and quick land transaction government has planned to bring smart Laal purja”.

In Nepal, there are 20 Malpot offices which are providing online services to its people.

This smart laal purja contains a small chip similar to vehicle licence, where there is detail information about the land owner and land. This smart laal purja size is similar to the passport of Nepal, in order to make it machine readable. There is no risk of damaging this card by fire or water. Though this card is lost, the detail information of land and land owner inside the card will be safe in Nepal government server.

Since its a smart digitalize card, so there is no chance of robbery or any kind of illegal activities related to land.

The above information is translated version of :- Kantipur Dainik post.