Tech News : Nepal Telecom to access all Services through own Mobile Application

Nepal Telecom to launch their own mobile application including all the services and facilities that is being provided to the NTC users. With the help of this application now customers can easily pay the bill of landline, adsl, data pack etc, recharge your phone at any time, get remaining balance and data pack information and easily access the different Data Packs.

Nepal Telecom mobile application has all information of offers and bonuses that NTC is providing, through which customers can easily choose and select the right offers and services. As per the Nepal Telecom, The number of users engaging in this offers is increasing day by day.

Nepal Telecom, about to start the new features called Family and Friends package through this application. With this features, Customers can easily access the phone calls at cheap rate.

Prepaid users can transfer the balance as well can gift data packs to friends or family from one device to another through this application.

You can also recharge you phone and could pay the bill amount of different services you are using from NTC like, ADSL, Landline, Data Pack etc.

Download Application