Nepal Telecom NTPro

With NTPro, Nepal Telecom GSM post-paid clients can make calls to any numbers in Nepal Telecom system and in addition can get all summons while from home system. This gives high caliber of voice and video highlights over Wi-Fi or any information system. At the point when client is out of system, call sending to a predetermined number is required to get brings in NTPro. There’s no compelling reason to check the record parity before you make a call. Call charges will be deducted from your post-paid parity. Clients can make and get calls at less expensive cost while meandering. Multi-party (impromptu) gathering, meet-me meeting, free texting and video talk inside NTPro clients, call hold up, call forward and so forth are extra elements.

NTpro Subscription/De-subscription

Shortcode: 1428
Customer Type: GSM Postpaid

S.No. Keyword Message Remarks
1 Sub ntpro Thank you!.
Your username is and password is abcd1234
Dial **62*775XXXXXXX#”to receive call on NTpro. Send sms add intl for ISD service.NT
2 Unsub ntpro You have successfully unregistered from NTpro system. Send sms sub ntpro for NTpro subscription. NT UnSubscribed
3 Pwd puk_no
Eg. pwd 12345678
Your current pasword is XXXXX. Know Current Password
4 Chngpwd old_pwd new_pwd
Eg: chngpwd 123456 abc123
Your password has been changed. Your new password is XXXXXX with username Change Password
5 Add intl Thank you!
You can now make ISD call from NTpro services. Send sms rm intl to 1428 for ISD unsubscription. Re-Login the Apps again.NT
Adding ISD Features
6 Rm intl Thank you!
You can now make only Local call from NTpro services. Send sms add intl to 1428 for ISD subscription.Re-Login the Apps again.NT
Removing ISD Features and allowing local calls only
7 Other Keywords
Eg: help
Welcome to NTpro Service! Please send sub ntpro to subscribe this service. Visit for more detail. Help

Note: Application can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Store. For Meet Me conference code, please visit NT office Pulchowk(WSD).


1. Voice call (Outgoing/Incoming) to any number from NTPro from Data Network (useful for roaming customers)
2. Can receive and make calls using same GSM post-paid mobile numbers
3. Free calls from NTPro to NTPro
4. Free Instant Messaging from NTPro to NTPro
5. Free Video calls from NTPro to NTPro
6. Call Wait, Call Forward, CLIP
7. Meet Me Conferencing
8. Ad-hoc Conferencing etc.