Nepal Won the match by defeating Macau by 1-0

screenshot_1According to Nepalese time the match starts at 5:15. In 29min of the game, sujal shrestha was successful to hit a goal by heading which was awesome cross by Bharat Khawas and that goal becomes as a finalized goal. Nepal beats Macau by 1-0 and wins the title. congratulation

The game was held in Negeri Stadium of Kuching Malaysia, by loosing Macau  by 1-0 Nepal has won three international games. After loosing laos by 3-0 in trial breaker, Nepal has enter in the final to play a match with Macau. After wining this match Nepal is able to withstand in the position of Fifa.

Nepal holds the solidiatry cup of 2016 after loosing Macau.. Nepal Government has planned to give 3 Lakh Rupees to each AFC Solidarity Cup Winning Players 🙂