Google is launching a new social network ‘Shoelace’ 2019

Google is taking another shot at building a social networking platform called Shoelace. The launch comes just months after the company shut down Orkut, Google Buzz, and Google+, its most successful attempt at building a social media website.

Shoelace Features

Shoelace is currently available in the US and operating through an invite-only basis. The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Users need to have a Google account to join the platform.

The new social media platform is called Shoelace. Let’s quickly cover everything there’s to know about it for now.

What Is Shoelace?
Shoelace is described as “a mobile app that helps connect people with shared interests through in-person activities.” It’s an app that helps people “who have recently moved cities or who are looking to meet others who live nearby” to meet up in real life.

Where Can I Use Shoelace?
While Google’s goal is to bring Shoelace to cities nationwide, Google was decided to focus their efforts on New York City at first. This will help google to determine what works and what doesn’t as google works to make the app available to more people.
Who Created Shoelace?
Shoelace was built by a small team in Area 120, Google’s workshop for experimental products. Their mission is to use technology to help facilitate real-world connection.
Is Shoelace Safe To Use?
Google is taking safety and privacy very seriously at Shoelace. After installing the app, It will ask each user to join a community – which often require verification – to ensure you only attend Loops with people you might want to know. Google also work hard to make sure that everything you see in Shoelace – from profiles to Loops – is aligned with our House Rules and community standards.
How do I get an invite code?
Shoelace is currently operating on an invite-only basis and has partnered with select communities for now. If you haven’t already received a code, let Google know why you want to bring Shoelace to your community.
Why is Shoelace conducting tests only in New York City?
Google can’t imagine a better city than NYC to pilot Shoelace. They’ve selected it, first and foremost, because they have a large base of Googlers who are eager to test the product and provide feedback. The city also boasts a very high urban density and an endless variety of things to do – both important factors in making sure its users have a great first experience with the app.