Nepal Telecom launched the International Roaming service for Prepaid Mobile

Nepal Telecom finally launches its international roaming service to its subscribers. The service will be implemented from Baisakh 16, 2076. With the implementation of roaming service by Nepal Telecom, NT users can easily call or send SMS from two different countries India and China to Nepal. The service is currently available for GSM Prepaid users only. You can also call or get connected with the local operator of these countries.

Here is the detail about Roaming charges in China and India
Price: Voice call Service:
Rs.50 per min Nepal Telecom to Local Telecom Operator of China
Rs.90 per min China to Nepal
Rs.53 per min Nepal to China
Rs.30 per min Nepal Telecom to Local Telecom Operator of India
Rs.30 per min India to Nepal
Rs.14 per min Nepal to India


SMS Roaming Charges:
Price: SMS Service:
Rs.54 per SMS China to Nepal
Rs.24 per SMS India to Nepal
0 Getting SMS from China or India


The Roaming service was already implemented in Postpaid SIM and now the service is available in Prepaid SIM as well.