NTC Postpaid Upgrading to Convergent Billing System

Nepal Telecom (NTC) to take postpaid service to convergent real-time billing system. Nepal Telecom has taken GSM and CDMA wireless systems and WiMAX service billing system to convergent real-time billing system previously.

Earlier, Nepal Telecom postpaid billing system was different than others. The billing system will be more flexible and easier, after the implimintation of new convergent billing system.

What is Convergent Billing?

A convergent billing is the integration of all service charges onto a single customer invoice and a unified view of the customer. Customer should call a call center and should get complete account information for all the services opted. Customer receives a single bill and makes a single payment for all the services.

Another important parameter contributing in convergent billing is a single product and price catalogues for pre-paid as well as post-paid customers.

Benefits of Convergent Billing:

Convergent billing would help service provider in achieving the following benefits:

  • Single product and service catalog gives better time to market and reduced cost of implementation.
  • A unified bill enables cross-service discounts, so that customers who order multiple services can receive preferential pricing.
  • Convergent billing enables multi-service packaging and pricing, whereby existing customers are enticed to add new services and new customers are attracted by innovative service bundles.
  • Centralized customer care and support for both type of customers ( pre-paid and post-paid).