Nepal Telecom Student Offer for SEE and +2 appeared students

Nepal’s first Telecommunication company Nepal Telecom brings an exclusive offer to SEE and +2 appeared students. The SEE exam of 2075 was held from Chaitra 10th to Chaitra 20th. More than 4 lakhs+ students appear in SEE exam 2075. As soon as SEE exam finished, Nepal Telecom is too eager to launch their exclusive Student offers focusing mainly SEE appeared students and students appeared in High-level examination.

Here is the Detail about Nepal Telecom (NTC) student offers.

Nepal Telecom stated as Students engaging in this offer gets a Free SIM worth Rs.100 along with different Bonus pack that came along with SIM card.

The Bonus Packs are:

  1. Data Pack
  2. Voice Pack
  3. SMS Pack
  4. Bonus on Recharge

Data Pack:

In Data Pack offered by NTC, students get a free 60 MB of Data volume along with SIM card which is valid for 30 days. Similarly, the student will get free monthly 60 MB data pack for 6 months in this offer.

Voice Pack:

Similarly, Students will get a free 40 Min of Voice Pack for 30 days. Also, 40 Min of Voice Pack every month for 6 months.

SMS Pack:

Students will get a 20 free SMS as a bonus pack as soon as they buy a SIM card. Also every month he/she will get 20 SMS as a Bonus for 6 months.

Bonus On Recharge:

Bonus on Recharge includes 50 MB of Data Pack and 10 min of Voice Pack. This offer valid for 1 year.

Documents Required to get Free Nepal Telecom SIM:

  • SLC 2075 Admit Card
  • Student or Parent’s Citizenship or any valid ID issued by the Government of Nepal
  • Photo of the Applicant