OPPO F11 Pro 2019 Full Specifications, Features and Price in Nepal

OPPO F11 Pro: Something that totally seemed nonexistent and unheard of, OPPO is succeeding quite amazingly well in the present time because everywhere you go or see you will hear the claims and vows about OPPO’s excellence and its brilliance, and none of it is overestimated or fake endorsement –every part of those claims is sheer truth. OPPO has set itself in the long run to achieve so much dexterity that people would align it besides Apple and Samsung, honestly speaking, that day doesn’t seem very distant either. Because time and time again, OPPO has kept outdoing itself by manufacturing and setting forth nothing but amazingly innovative cellphones.

OPPO F11 Pro Full Specification

None of us is stranger to the fact that how utterly impressive OPPO F11 was and how it was overflowing with extraordinary competencies –therefore, you won’t be any wrong to pitch your expectations high from F11 Pro.
Well, it was just in January that OPPO showed you some images of a new smartphone with a pop-up selfie camera. It is time that OPPO is finally unveiling that smartphone. The new Oppo F11 is going to feature a camera setup which before even its release has gained a lot of attention. You will find a 48 MP + 5 MP camera on its rear end with large image sensor which is much more photosensitive to bring more detail to the images with less noise and more clarity, large aperture to bring better light in the pictures and AI image processing which will capture such shots that would give you a studio-type result and a full professional photography experience. Its pop-up selfie camera isn’t anything mediocre either since it features a 16MP sensor in it to shoot nothing but extra immaculate pictures.

The phone just like its siblings will host mouthwatering aesthetics that features a panoramic screen and would come out at first in two classy colors –Aurora Green and Thunder Black, but Oppo might release it later in more exterior colors. Its panoramic screen offers you a great screen size and ratio which makes you see more stuff and enriched with ultra-clarity. The display is 6.5-inch long and is hosting FHD+ resolutions (2340 x 1080 pixels) with 397 pixels per inches pixel density.

OPPO F11 Pro Inner Review

Oppo’s battery is always been one of its most commendable features because it lasts for so long and comes with lightning-fast features, and same is the case in this new Oppo F11 Pro because it contains a large 4000 mAh battery to power up an entire day. A battery life that lasts more than 15.5 hours with 5.5 hours of gaming and 12 hours of video watching. It features VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 and it can maintain high charging speed during a trickle-charging period. VOOC 3.0 reaches full charge 20 minutes faster than its previous version.

So, if you take up our suggestion, Oppo F11 Pro is going to be one of a kind which will surely surpass all the other phones and beat them to the ground through its sturdy performance and dexterity which is crammed in its each and every corner.