Prabhu TV: The first Digital video broadcasting terrestrial second generation (DVB T2) Technology in Nepal, launching soon in Nepal

Government of Nepal has issued notice regarding the TV channels where all the analog TV channels should be replaced with Digital TV channels. There are already well-established company like Dish Home, Mero TV, Hamro TV who is serving the customers for Digital TV Channels.

Recently, Government of Nepal provides licensed to Prabhu TV to broadcast their service. Prabhu TV is the first startup enterprise that is going to build and operate the Digital video broadcasting terrestrial second generation (DVB T2) technology in Nepal. Prabhu TV is responsible in delivering the high quality 24/7 wireless digital TV service to consumers in every days of a year. The company aims to step the foot in all over Nepal.

According to company, The TV channels broadcast is done from the Prabhu TV broadcast stations and once the TV Viewers purchase a Prabhu TV’s authorized set up boxes and a antenna, TV viewers can easily access the local TV channels and if TV viewers wants array of international TV channels, he/she needs to pay an annual fee. Prabhu TV delivers strong and secure contents including various SD and well known HD channels.

Firstly, company is about to launch in three main cities of Nepal Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitawan and slowly all over the Nepal. All the content will broadcast wirelessly.

The Prabhu TV can also be broadcasted from the official mobile applications of company called Over The Top (OTT) applications. Once you were connected over WiFi or mobile data you can enjoy the TV programs from your smartphones.