Why Government Banned Online Game PUBG in Nepal?

The government of Nepal too banned popular online games PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, known as PUBG. Metropolitan Police Crime Division (MPCD) of Nepal officially issued the notice to all the Nepal Telecommunications Authority to not allow to play PUBG.

MPCD, Teku regularly gets pressure by parents, guardians, and schools against their children playing PUBG. In last month, a total of 8 schools and 25 Individual guardians report to MPCD to step some action against this online game PUBG, said by Dhiraj Pratap Singh (MPCD Chief Senior Superintendent of Police)

As soon as the Telecommunication Authority gets the notice fromMPCD, the action is implemented and all the PUBG servers are blocked. As PUBG is widely misused by young people all over the world, the government of each country is stepping this step. Along with hampering the studies, the addition of young people to PUBG leads to violent behavior such as Suicide, depression, mental issues and many more.

The country like China, India already somehow control the addiction of players to this game. In China, Government bans PUBG for PC and in India Government issued the notice for limiting the time to play PUBG. In Nepal, Government officially banned and no server from PUBG will run into devices which are inside Nepal’s zone.

In our opinion, the government action to banned PUBG is somehow, not effective step. As today’s young group are too forward than ISP’s of Nepal. They surely google it and find the solution to play PUBG. But somehow, this may control the over misleading the online games.