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Radio Melamchi 107.2 MHz, Sindhupalchok

About Radio Melamchi
Radio Melamchi FM 107.2 MHz as a community radio is the initiation of Samudaiyk Sanchar Abhiyan Nepal in Sindhupalchok district. It is registered in Information and Communication Ministry (No. 367) with full commitment on National Broadcasting Act 2049, National Broadcasting Regulation 2052 and Code of Conduct on Private Sector FM Broadcasting Corporation. It is guided by the journalistic principles: “Voice of the Voiceless” and “Watch Dog of the Society”. The working station of the radio will be at Duwachaur VDC of Sindhupalchok district with a branch and information collection beat at Kathmandu along with other sub-beats in neighboring districts of Sindhupalchok district. Since having the ownership by community, from setup to dissemination community will directly participate in it. The radio has a team of experts having long term professional involvement in media and communication arena. Since, it’s the initiation of youths; the radio has predominantly empowered youth participation, particularly girls. The radio has the mission in promoting the good and appreciative practices of the district for problem solving and achieving best than before for social transformation. Vision Equitable access to information for community empowerment.