Samsung Launches Affordable Large Capacity 860 QVO SSDs

Samsung released its own take of quad-level cell (QLC) NAND with the 860 QVO SSD. Samsung continues to do its own thing, even with naming conventions, and refers to the technology as 4-bit. The 860 QVO is aimed at maintaining Samsung’s 3-bit performance while lower the costs and thus creating a more efficient and cost-effective product.

The Samsung 860 QVO SSD comes in a 2.5” form factor and unlike other QLC products that we’ve tested, the 860 QVO leverages a SATA interface. While SATA is a slower interface than NVMe, it is still widely used and we suit the needs of 90% of the computer users day-to-day tasks. Samsung states read speeds of 550MB/s and write speeds of 520MB/s. These are the same speeds that the company quotes for its 3-bit technology, that they attribute to the MJX controller used in both.

The drive will be available on December 16, comes with a 3-year warranty, and the 1TB Samsung 860 QVO SSD comes with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $150 that is lower than the current street price of the 1TB Intel 660P QLC.

Samsung 860 QVO SSD Specifications


SATA 6 Gbps

Form Factor


Storage Memory

Samsung V-NAND 4-bit MLC


Samsung MJX Controller


4GB LPDDR4 for 4TB
2GB LPDDR4 for 2TB
1GB LPDDR4 for 1TB


4TB, 2TB, 1TB

Sequential Read/Write Speed

Up to 550/520 MB/s

Random Read/Write Speed

Up to 97K/89K IOPS

Management Software

Magician Software for SSD management

Total Bytes Written

1,440TB (4TB)
720TB (2TB)
360TB (1TB)


Three (3) Year Limited Warranty


NPRs. 16000

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