Why You Shouldn’t Kiss your Cat !

We like our furry friends so much and we want to share everything with them from our bed to our plate. Their cute little noses and show our love and affection in all possible ways but such tenderness to cats can turn against their owners. So why you shouldn’t kiss your cat.

You would ask how bad can it be if you kiss your cat! These adorable home companion seen the pure incarnation of cleanliness and neatness since they are constantly cleaning and looking themselves. Well, we can start right from that cats lick their fur, not only further they touch their most intimate parts with exactly the same nose that you are trying to kiss in a couple of minutes. There are tons of superstitions that say kissing a cat is bad. For example they say that after kissing a cat it’s owner won’t be able to ever love somebody and well start loosing his or her inner forces. At the end popular wisdom knows how to do and what not to even when it can’t exactly explain why.

But still the biggest reasons not to kiss your cat a hygienic one. Cats transmit a number of pathogenic microbes such as chlamydia, salmonella and the well known toxoplasma. In the wild, this bacteria breeds inside a cat and gets to the soil and the plants which are then eaten by mice. To complete the cycle the bacteria need the mass to be eaten by a cat so they make the infected mouse fearless and slow down it’s reactions. For the same reason toxoplasma infected humans are scientifically proven to be more likely to have car accidents. Cats also transmits demato by ptosis as well as other fungi infections. Some of them doesn’t mainfest themselves visually especially at the start and you’ll only know about them either when your skin starts to itch. If you have your cat samples checked in a vet laboratory for all these reasons don’t kiss your cats and wash your hands every time after you’ve had them.