Smart Cell offers: Smart Voice Packs, Data Packs and International Calls

Smart Cell brought the new data packs, voice and SMS packs its customers, now users of Smart Cell can access the unlimited data packs at cheap rate. The latest offers from the Smart Cell are:

  • Smart Data Packs
  • Smart SMS Packs
  • Smart International Calls
  • Smart Voice Packs

Smart SMS packs:

Now Smart Cell users can have the huge heap of SMS at unexpected rate. In order to activate the SMS packs, dial  for 1.) and *141*2*1*2# for 2.)

Package: Price:(Incl Taxes) Validity: How to Activate
SMS at 50 paisa/sms Rs.11.49 30 Days *141*2*1*1#
3000 SMS (Smart to Smart) Rs.25.54 30 Days *141*2*1*2#


Smart Voice Packs:

Package: Validity: Price: (Including Tax) How to Activate:
Unlimited Voice Packs 30 Days Rs.126.41 *141*1*2*1#
Daily Rental Voice Pack 1 Day Rs. 3.83 *141*1*1*1# or *141*1*2*2#


Smart Data Packs:

Package: Validity: Price: (Including Tax) How to Activate
500 MB 1 Day Rs.37.03 *141*3*1*1#
1 GB 7 Days Rs.88.11 *141*3*1*2#
1 GB 15 Days Rs.113.64 *141*3*1*3#
2 GB 30 Days Rs.254.10 *141*3*1*4#
5GB 30 Days Rs.407.33 *141*3*1*5#


Smart International Calls:

Smart Cell reduces the Tariff rate of some country. In order to activate this offer dial *141*1*3*1#. The price tag for this offer is Rs.38.31 including taxes and will be valid for 30 Days.

Country: Tariff
USA, Canada, China Rs 2.45 / min
India, South Korea, Denmark, Hong Kong Rs. 3.06/min
Malaysia, Bangladesh Rs. 4.89/min
Singapore, Australia Rs. 6.12/min
Bhutan, Japan Rs.9.78/min
Kuwait Rs. 12.22/min
Saudi Arabia Rs. 15.27/min
UAE, Qatar, Israel Rs. 18.94/min