Terrible Nepali and Hindi Songs | Worst Hindi and Nepali Songs

When you feel upset, you want to hear a beautiful songs. We want to listen to a music and feel relaxed. When one listens to a song, what do they look for? Naturally, someone would reply and say something along the lines of a catchy beat or meaningful, powerful lyrics, instruments, or vocals.
But, have you even heard a song and felt wrost? Here are somes songs and music videos of it you will watch again even you feel it’s wrost.

Daru Daru : Dhinchak Pooja


I Love You World : Laxu Prakash Malla (Lovely )


Scooter : Dhinchak Pooja

Pokhara pani : Sangam Limbu


Gorkha Soldiers : Dharam Gurung


Sunday morning love you : Bhim Niroula

Oh My Baby : BB VINES


Selfie Maine Leli Aaj : Dhinchak Pooja