The Best Must-Have Home Automation Devices for 2019

What is the Best Smart Home System 2019?

Are you planning on automating your home by making it smarter? You will need the best smart devices in the market to suit up your smart home and live the life of convenience, security, cost-efficiency and most importantly the life that you well deserve. Read on for these best smart home system and devices reviews.

Nest Learning Thermostat– Third Generation

Nest learning thermostat is a third generation smart home automation device for managing your home heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. It allows you to manually or automatically set your desired temperature. With its innovative learning capability, this smart thermostat will gradually learn your usual HVAC settings for any certain time of the day.

And then next time, Nest thermostat already knows your preferred temperature settings according its program. It may not give you the perfect results during its first learning stages, but gradually improves as soon as more data has been introduced into its smart system.

Its smart detection feature is appealing for your cost-reduction goals. It knows when to activate the heating system if someone is inside the home or room or when to turn-off itself when nobody is around.




Honeywell Thermostat RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat is a touch screen programmable thermostat that is compatible Amazon’s Alexa voice services to smartly control your home’s heating and cooling system. You don’t have to worry about your hot afternoons or cold mornings.

It has a customization screen color that can match your desired decoration. It also includes locking screen for added smart security feature and convenience.

Access remotely via Honeywell’s connect comfort app through any internet connected devices such as tablet, computer, iOS or Android smartphones.




iSmartAlarm Home Security System

iSmartAlarm is a wireless portable smart alarm system that will allow you to monitor, control, arm or disarm your security system in real-time. It can be accessed through your smartphone in any part of the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

The integrated mobile app allows you to view your smart motion sensor’s status either ON/OFF and to view real-time live feed from the wireless security cameras.

iSmartAlarm security system has an alert feature to notify you whenever there a break-in or intrusion has triggered your DIY home security contact sensors inside your house. It has multiple ways to notify you through email, push notification, SMS or even phone calls.


Belkin Wemo Light Switch Dimmer

Belkin Wemo light switch dimmer allows you to control lights through an app in your smartphone over a wireless connection.

This smart home light switch can be activated in both ways: thru a smart app or a standard push button switch.

Turn On or Off your lights anywhere in the world from the installed app within your internet-connected iPhone or Android smart devices.

Belkin WiFi light switch is capable to schedule when you want your lights to turn on or off. Whether you want it on as sunset goes down, or off as dawn breaks. This allows you to save in electricity with an efficient scheduling.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

The Nest cam is a multi-functional wireless outdoor security camera with an All-in-One package for home surveillance, motion detection, speaker and mic integration, alert notifications and photo capture.

Nest security camera system is beautifully designed as well as sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather.

Use Nest WiFi security camera sparingly either to monitor your kids as they go to school or coming back to your home. Perfect also to see when your expected delivery package has arrived to your house’s front door.