The Best Smart Wireless Speakers Which One Should You Buy

Nowadays, smart speakers are everywhere! They let to give out command and in turn makes your wish come true. Either it can be playing music, setting alarm, change music, prepare to-do-list, kitchen reminder or more. Smart speakers can nearly do any sort of task with an ease. This seems quite appealing, especially in this busy world. Now, we don’t have only the Amazon Alexa speaker to serve this purpose. There include several options which could make it quite tougher to choose the best. While choosing the best smart speakers several questions run our mind. Is it capable to offer the best music quality that is expected? Does it contain a touchscreen display with voice control? Can it be connected to other external speakers or smart home gadgets? What more features that we should expect from the smart speakers? And many more. Answering all these queries, here we have listed out some of the best smart speakers that you can prefer to buy in 2019. After reviewing, you can choose the one that fits your needs and requirements.

Apple HomePod

For those who are living the Apple life, then there is nothing better than the Apple HomePod. Despite the entry of the Apple HomePod into the smart speaker battle in 2018, it has gained the top position for its incredible sound quality as well as intuitive setup. As for the audio quality, being a premium product, it delivers a premium audio quality. It can certainly do its best when placed against the wall. When compared with the audio quality of other smart speakers such as Sonos One, and Amazon Echo dot, Apple HomePod definitely stands ahead of the list easily. Another notable feature to find in this latest Apple smart speaker is ‘Hey Siri’ functionality. This means you can now talk to the speaker to manage several things. So, you need not touch the device manually, everything can be accomplished with your voice.

Amazon Echo Dot

Combining all the smarts of the Alexa assistant as well as the compact nature of the Google Home Mini, here we have a more appealing option in terms of the smart speakers. Amazon Echo Dot is claimed to be the best smart speakers 2018 for its curved appearance along with the attractive fabric finish around. If you are completely new to the smart speaker’s technology, then the Amazon Echo Dot is the must-have option. It is an excellent entry point speaker that even allows you to hook up with another external speaker with a 3.5mm audio jack. Affordability is another major reason to own this speaker. Apart from acting as a music player, the Echo Dot also functions as a kitchen timer, to-do- list maker, alarm, and more. Get the AI based speaker at an affordable price and even enjoy the music service that you wish to have.

Google Home Mini

Here is another worthy competitor for the best smart speakers in Nepal. Google Home Mini remains to be the worthy choice considering its great assistance offered in a compact package. Though the Amazon Alexa made its appearance ahead of the Google assistant, it is the prowess of the Google product that is still considered to be the smartest of all digital assistants. It shines in terms of understanding the native language as well as pulling out the required details from the web. Moreover, it carries an attractive design that can easily fit into any part of the room effectively. Apart from this, it is accompanied by a companion app that really works for you. There is even an option to connect to the external speaker if you want a bigger volume. It also comes in with 4 LED lights that let you learn the task that is in the process by the Google Home Mini. Even the surface is touch-sensitive. This powerful smart speaker price is around NPR.3000 along with a material cover.

JBL Link 20

With an ability to connect to Google Home, JBL Link 20 even joins our list of best smart speakers in Nepal. The most notable features of this smart speaker are its ease of use and sheer convenient setup. Moreover, it is completely waterproof and can float. The indicator light on it allows you to know about how much battery is left, and Wi-Fi signal strength when you are roaming around. It is even easier to pair this smart speaker via Bluetooth. Interestingly, it relies on the Google assistant which works quite better than the Alexa in many ways. While most of the smart speakers face the problem of being plugged in continuously in order to work, JBL Link 20 overcomes this issue. It is capable to render at least 10 hours of battery life with a single charge. At the same time, you need not compromise on the audio quality.