Top 10 Best android games in 2018.

Top 10 Best android games in 2018.
Nowadays everyone has got android or ios smartphone in their hand, and many of the people are searching for the most relevant games for their android phone. So, let’s have a look top 10 best android games that you must try in 2018.

Android is an Operating system that runs a smartphones. In this world many users prefer android than ios as because of more facilities, more features and sustainable price rate. Everyone loves to have games in their android phone. Sometime while we feel boring then, gaming is one of the best way to relax and make your time running more faster. So, what type of games are their that really make people interesting while playing. So, here is the list of top 10 such android games that really attracts people.

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Here is the list of Top 10 best android games for your smartphones in 2018.
As per the research, young and child are more attracted towards the games rather than the old age people. But sometime, old aged people also want to play games in their android phones but rarely.
Top 10 best android games for Nepalese people.
1.Teen Patti Gold.

It is a card game type of android games that has got 4.6 rating in playstore. It is a online game. so you must need to connect your internet before you started playing. Not only in mobile this games can be played in both mobile as well as in your computer. After installing this game in your android you will get to see more options and features inside the game. One of the best game to timepass with your friends.

2. Tiger Trap

This game is for those people who are interested in playing Nepalese game called (Bagh chaal). The concept and way of playing this game is similar to Bagh chaal. There are 24 different levels in this game. To play this game you dont need internet connection while playing.

3.Mortal Combat X

Warner Bros developed a most interesting game Mortal COmbat X is a action type of game. This is a online as well as offline game. With its good graphics and fetality parts the game has been more interesting. There are 12 diffferent story. Online gamers will get chance to win different gift hampers as well.

4.Dream League soccer 2018

It is football game. Those football lovers will love this game. Most downloaded and loved game in playstore among all Dream League soccer is one. Because of different challenges and cup this game is more interesting to play. It is a offline game. In this game you can create your own team and play.

5. WWE 2K17

This 2017 game WWE covers up the 2018 games as well. Because of it graphics more gamers are attracted towards this games.

6. Grand Theft Auto San andreas.

It is computer game but this game can be played in android phone as well. But to play this game you need advanceed smartphones where you have got Ram above 4GB, good graphics and OS.

7. Asphalt 8 Air borne.

Most downloaded car racing game is Asphalt 8. This game is more interesting than other racing game. THe sound quality and graphics are really amazing. But to play this game you need advanceed smartphones where you have got Ram above 4GB, good graphics and OS.


Most of students and young people are interested in playing this game. Install it and see yourself what are the features inside this game.

9.Candy Crush Saga

10. Ever wing


So, You will get more details about game when you installed it in your mobile and start playing.