Top Futsal Ground in Kathmandu

Top Futsal Ground in Kathmandu

Futsal has been a growing sport here in Nepal. All the people loves to play futsal, either they play for enjoyment or as a competitive sport. People of every age groups play futsal. Futsal are promoting good health, fitness and teamwork through power of sports. We can see old peoples play for enjoyment and for their health with their family, relatives or friends. Younger people mostly teenagers’ play futsal for competition and enjoyment. Here, I am listing top futsal’s.

  1. Dhuku Futsal Hub

 Image capture: Jul 2016Images may be subject to copyright.TermsPrivacy Dhuku Futsal Hub Pvt Ltd Dhuku Futsal Hub Pvt Ltd Gaurav Karki JUL 2016Founded in 2012 Dhuku futsal hub has become a famous venue for people in Kathmandu. It located in Maharajgunj, Sitalmarg.

Number of grounds – 2

Beside from futsal, there is a café where players enjoy their drinks and meals after the match. There is also a well facilitated restroom and also a shower and a changing room. Dhuku futsal has a great parking facility for vehicles. It has a sound environment and a great ground. Dhuku futsal has a great lighting facility for night games. Many big tournaments and games are organized in this futsal.


  1. Dhanyentari Futsal

Located in Handigaun, Dhumbarahi Dhanyentari futsal has earned a great reputation for itself.

Number of ground – 2

One of the best futsal located in Kathmandu, people have given a great review of this futsal. Two big grounds with good turfs (grass) people loves to go there. Beside these it has a hygienic and good café where teams enjoy after the match. Recently it has also opened a swimming pool, so, people are more attracted to this futsal. It has also got a sauna where players as well as outsider come to relax. There is also a big parking area for vehicles. It has become a great recreational center for tourists as well. Tourists come here to relax and enjoy.


  1. Grassroots Recreational center

It is located in Mandikatar and one of the good futsal in the valley.

Number of grounds – 2

We can also play 7-A side game beside from the regular 5-A side game. So, this futsal is also famous for 7-A side game which is quiet rare in the valley. Beside futsal it also has a swimming pool which is well facilitated and many tourists also visit this place to enjoy the game of futsal or to swim. It has a well facilitated ground with tight security. It also has a well facilitated bathroom for players to chill after the match.

Beside these futsal there are other good futsal in Kathmandu that I haven’t mentioned. Thank you