Why there is use of Nepali Language in Indian 2000 rupee note?


In the present condition of Nepal,  political parties is discussiing whether to include or not include hindi language in nepalese constitution. In the same time Indian bank known as “Reserve Bank of India” has used Nepali Language screenshot_3in their new 2000 rupee note after indian government banned 500 and 1000 rupee note of india.


As there is list of Nepali language in the indian constitution and many people speaks out nepali language in India.  Nepalese Language can be spoken not only in nepal but also in many countries like Bhutan, Barma, India etc.  In the western part of indian Bangal the cities Darjeeling, Jalpaigudi, Bagdugra, Dubarsh etc has a huge number of Nepalese People. Similarly, the cities  like Dehradun, Bhagsu, Kumau, Gadhwal, Banaras, Delhi etc has also a resident of Nepalese People and speaks Nepali Language

so there is use of Nepalese Language in latest 2000 rupee note of india.