How To Use Twitter For Free On Ncell

Twitter is turning out to be increasingly well known in Nepal. You can take after Politicians, observes, News channel on twitter to get most recent news and overhauls. Also, I believe it’s a correct time to share How To Use Twitter For Free On Ncell system.

Well Ncell has been putting forth Twitter Zero offer for quite a while yet I think numerous Ncell clients are not using this offer. It’s an incredible offer by Ncell and I’ll propose you folks to utilize twitter, it’s stunning in its own specific manner.

For Android users:

  1. Go to settings> Connections> Data Usage
  2. Tap on to the left button of Menu button for Option and Turn off Auto sync data and Turn on Restrict Background data
  3. Go to Settings> Location Services> Turn off Access to my location

For iPhone users:

  1. Go to Settings> Cellular> Turn ON
  2. Scroll down to go to Use Cellular data for and choose the applications that automatically sync data while cellular data is ON
  3. Go to Settings> General> Background app refresh> turn OFF
  4. Go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> Turn OFF the Auto Downloadable Apps, Updates and also Turn OFF the USE CELLULAR DATA option
  5. Go to Settings> Privacy> Location services and choose the applications that automatically sync location data while cellular data is ON

Presently you can utilize twitter free from authority twitter application, local android program and Opera smaller than expected rendition 4.4 or more. Ncell didn’t give me settings manual to Windows Phone, However they said Windows Phone clients can likewise utilize Twitter Zero offer if area administration and foundation sync information are killed.

BlackBerry and other intermediary programs don’t bolster this administration. Likewise take note of that in the event that you tap on the outside connections then you will be charged according to the standard information rates.