Versatile Playback Singer Sonna Amatya Released Her 3rd Album

Versatile and very talented Singer Sonna Amatya has recently launched her 3rd album with a song “Timro Ra Mero Sambandha” which is based on tragedy love story. The song is written by singer herself and composed by Rahul Pradhan. Singer Sonna Amatya songs are always remarked with her outstanding performance and different tone to any other singers in Nepal.

She has always made her best performance in Nepali music industry with different taste of music. Singer Sonna Amatya is busy doing playback singing in big budget movies and also with various musical concerts being organized. She also has released video “ Timro Ra Mero Sambandha” where we all can her acting, where is being betrayed by her boyfriend Ishan. The video is directed by Prashanna Poudyal, edited by Himal Joshi and camera work by Prashanna Poudyal. Singer Sonna Amatya has versatility singing and always proved to be the best singer of Nepal.

Her song “Kina Aattinu” is an inspiring and meaningful song to the people who gets frustrate in life and also message not to get worry in life, and make life really beautiful. Her song “Pal Pal” got most air played in 400 radio stations in Nepal and also got most air played in the television station in Nepal. Singer Sonna Amatya has won the heart of music lovers globally.