World’s fastest car Tesla Roadster 2.0 officially launched.

World’s fastest car, Tesla roadster 2.0 is now officially launched. Tesla brought this brand new car as world’s fastest car till now. This superb car can be run with both petrol and electricity.

This car can run 60mph per 0 to 1.9 seconds and 100mph per 0 to 4.2 seconds. But the exciting fact of this car is this car completes one quarter miles at jus 8.9 seconds which is really amazing.

As per the company Tesla, this tesla rodester 2.0 has 200 KW battery power that results, this car can run 630 miles but only in highways, While driving it daily, there might be certain change. Tesla rodester is 2 by 2 four seater car, that costs 2 lakh dollar.
First 1000 people, who are going to buy this car gets a chance of paying the payment as a installment. While buying tesla rodester in installment you need to pay 50 thousan dollar at first. After the first installment, customers will get chance for testride as well.

Along with the fastest car, Tesla also launches its 18 wheel Tesla truck in the same event. This truck ranges 500 miles. According to the founder of Tesla Mr. Alon Musk, in this Tesla truck we have attached Aerodynamic for reducing the drag from air moving past.