Xiaomi Gaming Laptop- Worth the Risk

Here we recently hear that, Xiaomi is gong to launch their Mi gaming Laptop. They already announced the laptop specs. As because of its good stuff for a pretty good price, lots of people are going to loved it. Mi already launched their Mi Notebok Pro, Mi Notebook air, which is the good product at the price point. In this article we are going to look after the Mi 15.6″ gaming Laptop



Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 15.6″


Xiaomi Mi gaming laptop is a pretty good laptop at this point of price, which looks quite impressive with its aluminum chassis and clean sleek look. Mi Gaming laptop is the first laptop to feature bottom lit RGB lightining and also keyboard has customizable LED lights layout  .Mi gamng laptop is going to be best built gaming laptop at this price range. There are very few laptops that has got quality build quality with this price range. The laptop has 4 USB 3.0 port, a HDMI 2.0 port, a USB Type-C port and LAN port for those high-qualified gamers.

At the back face of laptop, notice a Mi gaming Laptop’s cooling system which is expected to perform the best as well there’s a hotkey for something called turbo cooling. Mi gaming laptop is 2.7kg in weight.

Xiaomi gaming laptop has quite good design. The hinge looks a lot like that piston we can visualize in HP Spectre. Overall this mi gaming laptop has Muted looks, as grey slab, No red accents, No Logos. The only Xiaomi branding is at the bottom of the screen similar to the Notebook pro.The screen of this gaming laptop is supposed to have a 72% NTSC rating, similar rating as in Mi notebook pro.

Sporting 15.6 inch display, this Mi gaming laptop comes with Kaby Lake core i7 or i5 CPU featuring NVIDIA GTX 1060 in i7 and 1050Ti in i5. 16/8GB RAM, 25GB NVMe SSD and 1TB HDD is available inside the laptop. Since the Laptop is now only available in chinese market from april 13, so 16GB of RAM + GTX 1060 model will cost RMB 8,999 (€1150) while the 8GB of RAM + 1050 Ti model will be just RMB 5,999 (€770).