Introduces 24.2 MP FUJIFILMS Digital Camera X-A5 with sensor and mirrorless camera

24.2 MP FUJIFILMS Digital Camera X-A5 with sensor and mirrorless camera

First FujiFilm is set to launch its X-SERIES with sensor and mirrorless screen X-A5 24.2MP

FUJIFILM is set launch its first X-series digital camera with 24.2 megapixel sensor. This sporty and retro stylish deisgn digital camera has 180 degree tilting rear LCD screen. This X-A5 is smallest and lightest camera X-series that has mirrorless camera. Along with X-A5 company is set launch XC 15-45 MM f/3.5-4.6 OIS (Electric power zoom lens). This is the first lens which is that small and light compares to other.

In this X-A5, we found 24.2 MP image sensor features. Along with this, this camera is best for 4k video recording as well. Other specifications, inside the camera re, Automatic Bluetooth Image transfer, Face detection, autofocus and many more.

As compared to other its X-series, this camera has 1.5 times faster image processing capacity, which is really good. In previous X-series we found a lens of about 13MM to 67.5 MM and autofucs is abit slow as there is absence of Chip face detection, which is now available in latest X-A5.

Similarly, this camera is perfect for selfie as well, because this camera has got 3 inch rear LCD screen which can rotate upto 180 degree and has a function called IAF inside the camera.

This camera has Potrait enhancer mode, which really helps in maintaining screen colour.

This camera click the high speed video in slow motion, because we found a SPEED function inside the camera.
In avaerage, once the camera is fully charged it can click about 450 pictures and those ictures can be esily transferesd to other smartphones or any devices with the help of Bluetooth.

The price of this camera along with lens kit is $599.95