Introducing World’s Smallest Phone:- Zanco tiny t1

Introducing World’s Smallest phone Zanco tiny t1

Zanco tiny t1 fully functioned phone, is now the world’s smallest phone till now. This phone is damn cute whose size is similar compared to our Battery cell. This is cute enough in looks and easy to carry anywhere in the world. With such concept, Zanco developed world’s smallest phone.

You will surprised that, this phone is 46.7 mm tall whose size is smaller than your thumb and the phone is lighter than a coin. The most interesting and surprised gadgets which is developed in 2018 is Zanco tiny t1. Because of its damn look, people are getting more closer towards it.

This phone can be used as secoundary phone to use instead of your big screen display phone.

The main features of this Zanco tiny t1 are:
1. Memory:- 300 phonebook, 32MB RAM + 32 Rom, 50 SMS messages, 50 in/out call logs.
2.Accepts Nano Sim
3.3 days standby battery back and 180 min talktime.
4.Display:- 12.5mm OLED screen, 46.7mm mobile size
5. 13 Voice changers
6. Can be charges with Micro USB Charger.

This phone accepts any network, So you can insert your Sim as per your wish.
In love with this World’s smallest phone.