5 Cool Gadgets Under Rs 300 in Nepal

5 Cool Gadgets Under Rs 300 in Nepal

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1. Yunteng Yunteng Mini Mobile Tripod With Phone Holder

Mini Mobile Tripod is a phone holder that fixes your phone in certain place. This stand is mainly used while vlogging and make=ing short clips at home. This tripod stand in Nepal cost just only Rs. 265. This tripod can be easily adjust in bag. So, you can carry it whenever you are.

2. 3D Enlarged Screen
3D enlarged screen is another cheap products you can buy in Nepal. This product is mainly for those small display phone user like : iphone 4,5 or 4s, 5s etc. These phone really gots a small display so it might in uncomfortable to watch movies, animation in small display. So, here comes 3D enlarge display that you can easily increased your display size. This device costs in Nepal Rs. 145

3. .Lazy Stand Heavy Duty Bracket Phone Holder Mount
If you are a lazy person, then you must need to hold this device. It is also type of mobile holder stand but this product can be rotate in any angle. You can use it while you are sleeping or having food. This product costs in Nepal Rs. 139

4. USB LED Light
If you love to work in dark area, then please use USB LED light. While you are typig or working in your laptop and its difficult to watch clear letters then this product might be useful for you. This product can be easily connect to your laptop USB port and gives you a lED lightining energy. This produt costs in Nepal Rs.150

5.Waiwaiparts Metal Shell Apple Lightning Micro USB to Lightning Adapter For iPhone
This product is mainly manufactured to the iphone users. It is a kind of like USB that you can fit not only in macbook but also in your iphone. when you insert this USB in your mobile USB port then you can easily use the file inside that USB. This product is not for android users. The product costs in Nepal Rs.150