Hear about new billionaires in technology field!!!

We all hear about Bill gates, Mark Zukerberg, Alon Mask and Jeff Bezos they are world richest person now in the world. Whereas, we donot know about Rishi Shah, Patrick Colison, David Jaalik or Lucy Peng but these people are also very much sucessful in these technology sector. So, Here are list of top sucessfull Tech person.
1. Rishi Shah

He is Northwestern university dropout student. He started his own company with the co-ordination of Shradha Agrawal.
Age:- 31 years
estimated earnings:- 3.6 billion dollar
Company:- Health Technology Firm “Outcome Health”
Post: CEO

2. Frank Wang

He started selling drone in his short period of life. His company covers 70% business area in the field of drone. His company is planning invest in Aircraft as well.
Age:- 37 years
Estimated earnings:- 3.2 billion dollar
Company:- Chinese drone manufacturer “DJI Technology”
Post:- Founder, CEO

3. Jan Koum

He is founder of whatsapp and sell this app to facebook at 22 billion dollar.
Age:- 41 years
Estimated earnings:- 9.7 billion dollar
Company:- Messaging app “Whatsapp”
Post:- CEO, Founder

4. Bryan Acton

He started his real life wheen, he made whatsapp with the co-ordination of Koum.
Age:- 45 years
estimated earnings:- 5.7 billion dollar
Company: Whatsapp
Post: Co-founder

5. Adam Neumann

Age:- 38 years
estimated earnings:- 2.6 billion dollar
Company:- “We work”
Post:- CEO, co-founder