Along with HongMeng OS Huawei Ships 1 Million devices for testing

huawei new OS
Huawei Ships 1 Million devices with HongMeng OS

Huawei devices no longer support Google Android OS and with this reason Huawei to develop its own operating system for all the Huawei devices globally. and finally, Huawei develops their official phone operating system HongMeng and send for testing. Initially Huawei ships 1 Million devices for testing. Recently some screenshots of Huawei OS leaks and these screenshots show out that HongMeng OS will have the impressive and more eye-catching UI.

CEO of Huawei’s Business Group, Yu Chengdong said as “the official operating system will be released as early as this fall or in the next spring”. With the strong security policy and high privacy secure than Google Android OS, Huawei to introduce the HongMeng OS in its upcoming devices.

The name HongMeng is already acquired in the country Canada, Europe, South Korea, and Mexico, so the company is preparing to name the operating system which sounds international. Huawei might name OS as HongMeng in China while in the global market, the OS might be named as Oak OS. Huawei Mate 30 Pro might be the first smartphone to come along with Oak OS. Google is worried about the new OS from Huawei cause it might drop the Android OS market and could be the national threat.

Huawei initiates to develop its in-house operating system back in 2012, as these company thinks as if they were dominated by Android Community.

Huawei initially named HongMeng OS is built based on Microkernel, which is much lighter, effective and responses much quicker.