Screenshots of Huawei’s New upcoming OS leaked online

The relation of Chinese Multinational company Huawei and Google is no more and its a challenge for Huawei to step against Google in every aspect because the services of Google might not run in upcoming Huawei smartphones. Since Google’s Android OS might not run in Huawei devices, Huawei planned to launch its own OS that includes similar features and services as provided by Google. Here are the leaked screenshots of upcoming Huawei’s OS.

The new OS from Huawei will be named as HongMeng OS as leaked initially on the internet. But according to the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union, the new OS of Huawei will be named as Ark OS. Huawei Officially has not revealed the name of their upcoming OS. There are five different possible names for Huawei OS and they are Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark and Ark OS. Huawei Official team confirmed that overall the Android application will be supported by this OS and will perform 60% more faster and efficiently than those performing in Google OS.

Since every feature of Google will no longer support in Huawei, even the Google play store. So, Huawei to launch its own Appstore and will be known as Appgallery. From this Application store, you can access every Android application that is available in the play store.

Screenshots of Huawei’s New OS leaked online:

The new Huawei OS also named as Ark OS arrives at German Patent & Trademark office through which the first official screenshot of Huawei’s New OS leaked online.

New Huawei OS leaked online

Huawei New OS

Looking at the above-leaked screenshots, it is sure that the new UI of the OS will look much prettier and intuitive. We can’t compare it with Google Android OS because showing up one setting does not confirm it will perform better in every smartphone.

Release Date of New Huawei OS?

Since Huawei Official team is working too hard to control this emergency situation, they even could not be confirmed the release date for the new Huawei OS. In short, it is confirmed that Huawei OS will soon come to the market to support all of their smartphones.