Why the apple products is so expensive and much popular than other products?

Many of us have question, why Apple product is so expensive and most popular than other products?

Apple is premium itself, the products they manufacture is of super high quality. Here is the some reason, that you want to know…

  1. Apple really emphasizes ease of use in their products.
  2. Apple has control to both hardware and operating system of the product. They optimize everything to work together perfectly. However, windows PC and android phones go any type of hardware that some might be better than others might. Therefore, there might be chance of infecting the parts inside the PC. But Apple has control to both hardware and O.S. They try to make everything works perfectly. They do not want any bad reviews from the customers.
  3. Apple, try to push premium branding, when you buy a apple product, they really makes us to feel like we’re buying something quality. Everything from designs of the devices to the packaging and even the layout of the store it all has modern high tech.
  4. Superior customer service. Apple not only take cares of hardware but also a services they provides to the customer. For e.g. if you got problem with any of the product of Apple, then you can directly go to apple store, they check your product if possible they repair it and return to you but if the product has serious problem then they replace the product and handover new product in your hand.
  5. Apple is pretty much perceived as being innovative.
  6. Application quality and Availability:- As compared to other products, the application we found inside the apple product is of super high quality. However, we found less option than android but those available application are of high quality. Most of high-preferred application like Instagram is first available in iPhone then they were distributed in android phone.
  7. The software that is available inside the product can be updated all over the world at same time.
  8. Accessories of apple product is also available easily.