Robot “Sophia” Gets citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Robot “Sophia” Gets citizenship in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia build up a humanoid robot and named her as “Sophia”.
Sophia is one of the latest and greatest robot from Hanson robotics and just become the citizen of Saudi Arabia. Because of its humanoid nature country granted citizenship to her and make her as a citizen of their country.

She is very thankful,honored and proud for this unique distinction to kingdom for making her a citizen. She wants to work with humans and wants trust to the human. Sophia is attending tonight show and featured in many TV shows.

In the event “Future Investment Initiative”, held in Riyadh (Capital city of Saudi Arabia) on wednesday, she spokes up and reacts to the questions from moderator and journalist. One of the journalists Andrew Ross Sorkin question her as,”we all want to prevent bad futrure”. The she replied as,” Dont worry, if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you”. She wants everyone to treat her as a smart input output system.

Sophia is created by David Hanson of Hanson Robotics.David Hanson is from Hongkong. During demonstrating the robot live, Hanson asked her,”Do you want to destroy humans”. She replied with a blank expression as,”Ok. I will destroy humans”.
Sophia is the first robot, that is granted for citizenship in this whole universe. Because of different and wide variety sensor in this robot,”Sophia”. She has capacity to read the emotions of human face and can easily talk and respond to words of  human. She can easily understand these physical worlds and social worlds.

Here is the video where she, spokes up.