Everything You Should know about Apple WWDC 2019 event

Apple WWDC 2019

On June 3 Monday, Apple team organized the World Wide Developers Conference of 2019 in San Jose. In this event, Apple threw up lots of techie kinds of stuff to all the Apple product users. Apple WWDC 2019 includes:

  • two new devices  Mac Pro, and Pro Display XDR
  • introduces the different OS for the different Apple product. Such as for iPad, Apple launched iPadOS and for Apple watches Apple launched watchOS 6.
  • iOS 13 will come along with Dark Mode and some additional features
  • The operating system for Mac, macOS Catalina 10.15 introduced
  • Now, Apple Watch have their own App store
  • Apple TV user will get the multi-support with tvOS 13

Mac Pro

Apple Mac Pro

Apple introduces the most configurable, expandable, powerful and configurability Mac ever, with the unique cheese grater design. The new Mac Pro is built with a stainless steel space frame and aluminum housing lifts off that allows users to access 360-degree for every component and vast configuration.

The 2019 Mac Pro is powered by Octa-core Intel Xeon W processor compiled with 32GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal SSD. The clock speed of the processor is optimized with 3.5GHz supported by 4 GHz turbo boosts. The graphical system in the Mac is supported by AMD Radeon Pro 850X. Mac Pro users can add up to four such GPU cards in the laptop according to your future need.

The absolute beast version of 2019 Mac Pro comes with 28-core Intel Zeon W processor equipped with 1.5TB of RAM.

The base model of 2019 Mac Pro will go for sale on $5,999 while the beast version of Mac Pro will go for sale around $40,000 to $50,000.

Apple Pro Display XDR

Pro Display XDR

Apple in the event introduces the first 32-inch Apple XDR with Retina 6K display and the extreme dynamic range, a remarkable contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, 1000 nits of industry-leading brightness, and a wide color gamut. Apple Pro Display XDR might be the world’s best Pro display ever. The basic model of Apple Pro Display XDR will go for sale on $6,000 while the premium model will go for sale on $12,000.

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iOS 13

iOS 13

Apple new iOS 13 is now coming with some additional features. Here are the features coming along with iOS 13 in 2019.

  • Dark Mode: This is the first time, Apple is introducing Dark Mode in their OS.
  • Safari, Mail, Notes, and Remainder gets more rewrites.
  • New privacy tracking
  • HomeKit security gets more update
  • Update on Portrait Lighting effect
  • Memoji gets updated
  • Siri can now response quicker by replying the messages
  • The voice of Siri is more natural and clear

WatchOS for Apple Watches and iPadOS for Apple iPad

Apple Watch OS

This is the first time, Apple to introduce separate OS for Apple Watch and Apple iPad. Apple Watch OS is meant for only Apple watches this includes the standalone App store, new watch faces, and the pride flag strap. Along with the common OS features, Apple WatchOS comes with Calculator App, Health remainder (such as period cycle), support voice memos and much more features.Apple iPad OS

Similarly, iPadOS is the separate OS for iPad only. This new iPadOS will cover all the Apple iPad and is developed for tablet. This OS has got the new home-screen layout not as similar to iOS home-screen layout, better and smooth gestures, and multi-tasking experience. iPad now has a better file application and much more improved Apple pencil support.

macOS Catalina:

macOS catalina

Apple updates the macOS as macOS 10.15 and named this new OS as macOS Catalina.

  • This new OS has the features called sidecar that let you enjoy iPad as a second display.
  • Find my locks and activation lock is added as the new privacy feature in MacBook.
  • It replaces iTunes and brings a new music app
  • Podcast app, Apple TV is supported in macOS
  • new frameworks for Swift programming language.

These are some of the upcoming technology updates and new hardware from Apple.