Xiaomi Under-display Front Camera teases right after the Oppo

Xiaomi Under-display technology

Yesterday, On June 3, 2019, Oppo revealed the world’s first under-display front camera. Right after Oppo, Xiaomi another Chinese company posted a video on their official Twitter account showing the teaser of under-display front camera.

The technology is really emerging daily and every day we are facing the new innovation in the tech field. Introducing the camera inside the screen makes the smartphone even the premium and much more advanced. Xiaomi might be keeping the secret for a long time because as soon as Oppo teases the under-display front camera, Xiaomi right after the day teases the technology.

Looking at the video posted by Xiaomi’s Director of Product Management, the action is might performed in Xiaomi Mi 9 prototype, the detail information yet not revealed. Neither the release date nor the camera lens is revealed by the company. But the camera technology might come in Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphones.

Xiaomi confirmed that we can place up to 20 MP of selfie camera right under the screen of the phone and the camera is working perfectly in OLED panels while in LCDs the camera is not performing well enough and shows some limitations.  The display is performing as a totally transparent that not lets to reflect any light from any source.