“Bhumi Sushaasan” newly launched mobile application by Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperatives

Nepal government is being digitalize day by day. Now, many of the government works and tasks can be done through online such as filling up the forms for different lok sewa exams or paying the online bills of electricity, drinking water etc.

Similarly to make the individuals, knowledge about the different ministry programs, different services that are being provided to individuals from Ministry of Land management, citizen charter, information of working areas of offices which are under ministry,  Ministry of Agriculture, Land Management and Cooperative launched the application so called “Bhumi Sushaasan”  related to good governance for above mentioned purpose.

Now you can download the mobile application so called “Bhumi Sushaasan” in your android phone from Google Play Store. Here inside the application you will find the detail information related to land services, government newly updated policies, procedures etc.

Minister for Agriculture Mr. Chakrapani Khanal in event along with the different services you can access through this mobile application, introduced this application so called “Bhumi Sushaasan” .

You can access the application both through online and offline mode. The main aim of this application is to provide the detail service to service seekers such as: Land Dictionary (Where you can find the meaning of different land related topic), survey calculator (from which you can measure the geographical location of the land) and rules and regulations.

Download Application Click Here