National Youth Council to raise funding for startup business for youth without any interest charge.

National Youth Council to provide the funding for the youths who are going to startup their business worth Rs. 2,00000 without any interest. As per the qualifications they have earned, Youths will awarded with the funding of Rs. 2 Lakhs for which Youths need to deposit their graduated certificate they have earned.

Youth who are well educated, had a graduated certificate in hand but unemployed and wants to start their own business, but doesn’t have fund then this is the chance for them  to earn the funds for their business.  Youths who have certificate of their +2 graduate or more graduated certificate, will get a chance to apply for this opportunity. There will not be any interest charged after this funding.

National Youth Council issued the notice regarding the funding criteria and application submission deadline. As per the National Youth Council, Youth whose age is above 16 and not exceed 40 can apply for this opportunity. Every year number of youths are awarded with this funding, this year for 2075 NYC planned to provide the funding of Rs. 2 Lakhs for 35 Youths, 5 from each states i.e 7 states * 5 Youths=35 Youths. The minimum graduated certificate youth must need to have is of +2 or even more.

Documents, which Youths need to include along with application form.

  1. Photocopy of Nepali Citizenship card
  2. Graduated certificate minimum +2 graduate
  3. Character Certificate
  4. Recommendation notice from the recently joined college, university or any educational institution
  5. Recommendation notice from the Local Mayor where you are planning to start the business
  6. If you are planning to start the business in group, then must attach the related documents
  7. Attach the business plan along with the application form

Application need to submit before 2075/03/19 . For more detail visit the official link of National Youth Council or visit the nearest  office of National Youth Council located or situated in your local area or you can directly go and visit the official headquarter of National Youth Council  located at Tripureshowr, Kathmandu