BMW Presents The bike of the Future

BMW Presents The bike of the Future

The German automaker BMW unveiled their Motorrad Vision Next 100 in previous month and the company guarantees that the bike is so safe for riders that they can cruise without any helmet. They assure that the user will never fall off which gives a thrill with zero

Motorrad Vision Next 100 is a sleek self-balancing prototype and it was released during the occasion of 100th anniversary of BMW. It is a zero emission bike and it has self-balancing wheels. The self-balancing wheels have been designed to stand upright even during zero movement. The Gyroscopic sensors are what making the bike stand still even at full stop. The bike also has variable trend tyres which can adjust to any driving condition.

According to BMW, with just light handling, the balancing system makes sure to provide a particularly agile and dynamic experience of riding. The seat, frame cover and the wings of the futuristic bike are made up of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber makes the machine very light but at the same times makes it very

The bike also has a very flexible frame which allows rider to have a smoother steering experience. It has been designed in such a way that when the handle bars move, the shape of the entire frame changes which facilitates the change in direction. The bike also sports an electronic

The engine block expands upwards at speech which enhances the aerodynamics. Despite the contemporary features, BMW does not plan to make the vehicle autonomous until 2021.