China Tiangong-1: Made-in-China space station getting ready to crash into Earth – TomoNews

China is one of the most developed country in today’s world. And china has also launched its King Kong station in space. But In 2016 china confirmed that ,this station is out of there control and that would crash in any area of the earth 0n 2017 or 2018. Over the past weeks the 8.5 ton station has dipped below 300 kilometers in altitude. The lower the altitude, the denser the atmosphere and the faster the tangle one will burn up. The tangle may crash between october 2017 and april 2018.

There is no idea where the station is going to plunge on earth. According to a Harvard University astrophysicist, Jonathan McDowell He assume that this station may plunge in earth in a few months from now-late 2017 or early 2018. So there is high chance of falling of chunks of metal and that could injured or kill anyone standing the impact side.