Special Tihar and Chaath offer by Telecom

Special Tihar and Chaath offer by Telecom
On the occasion of second great festival of Nepalese Tihar and Chaath, Nepal Telecom has provides a discount in different package and Bonuses.
Offers that are prvided by Nepal Telecome on this festivals are:-
1. While recharging the balance in GSM and CDMA, telecome has provide a 10% bonus on every recharge. This offers Valid from date Kartik 1 to Kartik 25.

2. Similarly in GSM prepaid and postpaid, customers gets 1 GB data package under Youtube data pack at just Rs. 100 and 500MB data at Rs.60. This offers Valid from date Kartik 1 to Kartik 25.

3.Again in GSM/CDMA postpaid and prepaid mobile, inside the company network customers get 6 min voice, 5 SMS and 15 MB data Volume at just Rs. 10. This offers is only for 24 hour. Similarly, 16 min voice, 16 SMS and 35 MB data volume at just Rs. 25 and this offers till 72 hours. And at Rs.50  45 min voice, 25 SMA and 70 MB data volume for 5 days. At Rs. 100, customers get 110min voice, 30 SMS and 150 MB data volume for 10 days. At Rs. 300 customers get 360 min voice, 40 SMS and 600 MB data volume for 30 days.

4.For the payment of ADSL bill, internet users who need to pay their bill in between 2 to 8 get 3 days extra days to pay the bill.

5. 50% discount in SMS in the GS,/CDMA prepaid and postpaid mobile till Kartik 9.

6. Telecome is planning to give away 4G sim to users at free till Kartik 30.