Disable or Enable Background Data on IOS and Android

Are you feeling your cell phone is consuming more data than you are expecting ? This may happen to lots of cell phone data users who are using internet through their cellular data. You have to disable background data and background update to prevent such unnecessary data loss.
Following are some necessary steps that prevent unnecessary cellular data / background updates:-
For Android:
  • Go to Settings >> Connections >> Data Usage. Tap on to left button of Menu button for Option and Turn off Auto sync data and Turn on Restrict Background data.
  • Go to Settings >>Location services >> Turn off Access to my location.
For iPhone (IOS)
  • Go to Settings >> Cellular >> Turn ON.
  • Scroll down to go to Use cellular data for and choose the applications that automatically sync data while cellular data is ON.
  • Go to Settings >> General >> Background app refresh >> turn OFF.
  • Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store >>turn OFF the Auto Downloadable Apps, Updates and also Turn OFF the USE CELLULAR DATA option.
  • Go to Settings>> Privacy>> Location services and choose the applications that automatically sync location data while cellular data is ON.
Note:  When iPhone goes to sleep mode, Wi-Fi will be automatically switched off and all kinds of updates will use cellular data (if both Wi-Fi and cellular data are turned ON).  In some iOS devices, rebooting the devices resets all the settings so these need to be repeated.
Note: These steps will help the unnecessary loss of data but do not prevent totally.