Tech News – The First ever Made-in-india Electric Bus “eBuzz K6” by Goldstone-BYD to be exported to Nepal

The First ever made-in-India fully Electric Feeder Bus “eBuzz K6” is unveiled in India by Shri Ananth Geete, Union Minister of Heavy Industries and Public enterprises, Government of India. This electric Bus so called as eBuzz K6 is manufactured by Goldstone Infratech Ltd, which has got 18 seats.

As from Mr. Ananth Geete, the first five electric bus will be exported to Nepal, before they were introduced in India and later on, it will be exported to other neighboring SAARC countries. This electric bus shall serve the Lumbini tourism lines.

18 seater electric Bus “eBuzz K6” delivers out the maximum power of 180 KW and maximum torque of 1500 Nm. With one full charge, the bus easily continue its journey upto 200 kms. The battery gets fully charged at 3-4 hours. As this first-ever environment friendly electric bus “eBuzz K6” already completed 200,000 kms at the smooth roads of India. While testing the drive, the bus saves 4.5 million INR worth of fuel.The aim of introducing electric buses is to make environment friendly and reduced the carbon footprint. The Bus will debut in few cities of India like, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Goa, Rajkot, Delhi and Hyderbad within few months.

According to the Executive Director of BYD India Zhang Jie, “ we are greatly encouraged by the quality of electric buses that are being manufactured in India by Goldstone and these manufacturing facilities in India will be used for export to SAARC Countries. ‘eBuzz K6’ to be supplied to Nepal is a step in that direction. We are committed to making vehicles that are not only environment friendly but also help in greatly reducing the carbon footprint”.

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