Extreme Sports to try in Nepal

Extreme Sports to try in Nepal

Nepal is a country very rich in natural resources and natural scenarios. Nepal has always been a very popular destination for tourists who are seeking for natural beauty and those who want to see and experience new culture. Apart from that Nepal is also very popular for extreme sports. The unique blend of geography makes Nepal a very amazing place to try different extreme or adventure sports.

Below are listed some extreme sports to try out in Nepal.

Mountain Climbing:

mountain-climbingNepal is home to the World’s tallest peak i.e. Mount Everest and many other beautiful and breath catching mountains. Nepal is basically a heaven for mountain climbing enthusiastic. Ever year thousands of tourists visit Nepal to climb the world’s tallest peak and other beautiful yet scary mountains. Along with the help of Sherpas and permission by authorities almost anyone is eligible to climb mountains in Nepal.

Bungee Jumping:

bangee-jumping2Nepal provides the most thrilling and ultimate bungee jumping experience. Located 160 meters above the swift flowing and spine chilling Bhote Koshi River, it is sure to make the biggest dare devil feel cold. The feeling of jumping off such height with the splashing sound of raging Bhote Koshi River is one heck of an experience. It is the second highest bungee jumping site in the world but also the safest one as the bungee jump is operated by the most experienced bungee jumpers.  The cost of bungee jumping in Nepal is very inexpensive and top extreme sport to try out in Nepal.

White Water Rafting:

white-water-raftingNepal is very rich in rivers which are very powerful and swift flowing. This makes Nepal the best place to try rafting. There are many rivers to choose from depending upon how swift flowing or strong they are. Rating in Nepal is an experience to gain as you not only have fun but also feel an instant connection with the nature.

Everest Sky Diving:

skydive-pokhara-nepalEverest Sky Diving started in Nepal in 2008 and it is the most desired extreme sports in Nepal. Everest Sky Diving is not an ordinary experience as you get to jump form 29,500 feet above the sea level from a plane which is higher than the Mt. Everest. This might be the most thrilling and amazing experience for an adventure freak. The budgets for it are quite high but it is guaranteed to be the best thrilling experience of your life.


paraglidingParagliding started in Nepal in 2007 and since then it has been among the most popular adventure sports in Nepal. In Pokhara, the flights take off from Sarangkot which is 1,592 meters above the ground and lands at Lakeside, Pokhara. The cost of paragliding is quite inexpensive but the thrill and the adrenalin rush is sure to amaze any adventure junky.