Download and Install Game For Peace | How to Install Game For Peace

Online battleground game PUBG is the well-known, popular and most rated battle game now in the world. Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is one of the most downloaded game in China and other countries as well. But the Government denied accessing the monetization option in PUBG Mobile. And here comes Game for Peace developed and built by Tencent and approved by Government as an alternative to PUBG for Chinese players. Here are the complete steps on How to Download and Install The Game For Peace in your device. The game is specially focused and built for Chinese players.

How to Download and install the “Game For Peace”:

Step 1: Create a unique Apple ID, with the unique email that has not been used yet

Step 2: To create a new Apple ID hover to your phone settings – > then Apple ID -> Close Session

Step 3: After you have created a new Apple ID, follow up the further process to download and install Game For Peace now.

Step 4: Game For Peace is only available in China, so select country or region to be China.

Step 5: Now you can download and install Game For Peace from iTunes play-store.

Game For Peace is the next version of PUBG and is accessible to Chinese players. Downloading and installing Game For Peace in Android phone is not so damn crazy, simply visit the Android play store and enjoy the gaming experience. So, here we just highlight the steps on installing Game For Peace for iOS users.