Methods to Unlock any iPhone Passcode | 3 easy methods

There is 3 great enhance method available to unlock any iPhone passcode without spending a dollar. Yes, we are illustrating the ideas behind unlocking any iPhone Passcode without the use of third-party software or any hacking/cracking mechanism. So, if you are not sure about your iPhone passcode, then don’t worry here is the methods to unlock passcode of yours iPhone. Here explain three easy methods to unlock any iPhone passcode.

Methods to Unlock any iPhone Passcode

1.) Using iTunes:

unlock iPhone passcode using iTunes

Follow up the following steps to unlock iPhone passcode using iTunes:

  • Connect your device with iTunes as a normal way in a PC
  • iTunes automatically starts refreshing your iPhone and will create a backup to all of your data in iPhone.
  • Now, restore your phone
  • It will pop up different backup option, select the recent backup
  • After the complete restoring your phone will start without the passcode
2.)Using iCloud:

unlock iPhone passcode using iCloud

Exciting feature available in every iOS device is iCloud access. If you have enabled Find My Phone feature is your device, this method works for sure.

  • Visit the iCloud link and access it using your Apple ID and password.
  • At the top of your browsers, Click all Devices
  • Select the device whose data you want to delete or erase
  • Afterward, click erase

you can restore back all your data using setup Assistant in your device.

3.) Using Recovery Mode

unlock iPhone passcode using recovery mode

  • Keep on holding sleep/wake button, press Power Off option and press the Home button at the same time.
  • Now plug in your device to the computer to turn on your phone.
  • Leave your home press finger only it pops up a message saying, Connect to iTunes and tap OK

Hope above any one of the methods solve your problem to unlock any iPhone passcode. I have tried all these three methods to unlock my device and these all work for sure. Here we have not used any third-party application or source to unlock the iPhone. These are the methods accessed by Apple.