General Questions related to 4G/LTE Network

    • sahaltel.comWhat is 4G/LTE?
      LTE stands for “Long Term Evolution”. It is the next generation of wireless data technology after 3G, commonly referred as 4G.
    • What are the benefits of upgrading to 4G/LTE?
      It provides you path breaking mobile internet experience, buffer-free streaming and amazingly clear videos. It enables you to enjoy bandwidth intensive contents such as videos/music streaming, cloud services and alike.
    • What are the factors affecting 4G/LTE speed?
      The actual speed depends on various factors like:
      • Device used andphone capacity to get maximum speed
      • 4G/LTE network coverage
      • Distance between user and base station
      • Nature of built-up area
      • Number of data/internet users at a time (traffic over the internet)
      • 4G/LTE technology adopted
    • What are the requirements for getting 4G/LTE service?
      You will require a 4G/LTE handset, 4G/LTE compatible SIM & should be present in a 4G/LTE network coveragearea. You will not be latched onto 4G/LTE network in absence of any of these requirement
    • How will I know if my handset is ready for 4G/LTE?
      Please check the network setting of your handset and look for available network it supports. Besides 2G and 3G (WCDMA) there must be an option showing 4G/LTE.
    • If I put a 4G/LTE SIM on my 3G handset, will it work?
      The SIM will work as a normal 3GSIM; you will not be latched onto 4G/LTE network.
    • How will I know that I am connected to 4G/LTE network?
      You will see ‘LTE’ or ‘4G’, depending upon phone models, next to the signal bars at the top of your screen.
    • Will my device always stay connected to 4G/LTE network?
      No, you will not always be connected to 4G/LTE as this depends on your location and 4G/LTE coverage/signal strength available to you. You might notice that your device is switching between 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE as you move around.
    • How do I turn on 4G/LTE on my handset?
      Please go to network setting on your handset and select 4G/LTE under network type.
  • How do I switch back to 3G/2G?
    Please go to your handset’s network setting and select 3G/2G.