Nepal Telecom 4G/LTE FAQ

Nepal Telecom (4G) Related Questions:

  • What is the 4G technology which Nepal Telecom is using?
    NT is currently operating4G LTE technology on 1800MHz band. In January 2017, Nepal Telecom launched 4G/LTE service for the first time in Nepal.
  • In which area Nepal Telecom has 4G/LTE coverage as of now?
    Currently we have 4G/LTE coverage in most of the areas of Kathmandu valley and Pokhara.We are continuously expanding our network throughout the nation and the service will be made available very soon.
  • Is Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE for postpaid or prepaid?
    We are happy to announce that Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service is for bothGSMprepaid and postpaid customers.
  • How do I know if my NT SIM is 4G/LTE compatible?
    Dial *444# to check the SIM and activate 4G/LTE service.
  • If I am alreadyNepal Telecom’s mobile subscriber, how can I activate 4G/LTE Service?
    If you have 4G/LTE compatible SIM, simply dial *444# forservice activation.If you are still in possession of 2G/3G SIM, you must get 4G/LTE compatible SIM.
  • How do I get NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM?
    You can visit any of the Nepal Telecom offices located at: Hattigauda, Gongabu, Chhauni, Babarmahal, Chabahil, Sundhara, Jawalakhel, Sajha Bhawan, Thimi and Bhaktapur in Kathmandu Valley and Mahendrapul in Pokhara to get NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM.
  • How much do I have to pay to get NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM?
    You can exchange your NT’s 2G/3G SIM for NT’s 4G/LTE compatible SIM following the regular SIM replacement process.
  • What is the service activation fee?
    Service activation is free of charge.
  • How can a new customer subscribe to Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service?
    Please follow the regular process of service subscription and you will be provided with a 4G/LTE compatible SIM and follow the activation procedure as mentioned above. Before using NT’s 4G/LTE service please ensure that your handset is 4G/LTE compatible.
  • How will I know if my handset is ready for Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE network?
    For your handset to operate on Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE network, your handset should support LTE 1800MHz band. Please check specifications of your handset.
  • In order to use Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE servicemust there be special APN configuration?
    Same commercial APN ntnet or ntwap has to be provided for APN configuration in your handset.
  • What are the packages for 4G/LTE Service for now?
    For now, as a promotional offer we have provided free 4GB data @1GB/day which is valid for 4 days from the date of subscription. This is applicable for GSM postpaid users only for now. If subscribers’ usage goes beyond this data volume limit, then normal tariff@Rs1/MB will be levied. However, subscribers can enjoy browsing at 4G speed using existing data packages offered for GSM postpaid subscribers that are as follows:

    a) 10MB @Rs 8 valid for 2 days
    b) 50MB @Rs 35 valid for 10 days
    c) 200MB @Rs 130 valid for 1 month
    d) 500MB @Rs 300 valid for 1 month
    e) 1G @Rs 500 valid for 1 month
    f) 3G @Rs 1290 valid for 2 months
    g) 5G @Rs 1800 valid for 3 months

  • How can I subscribe to the promotional package offered in Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service?
    You can dial *444# to check whether your SIM is compatible to the 4G/LTE service offered by Nepal Telecom.
    If yourSIM is compatible and you have 4G enabled handset then 4G promo pack is enabled and you will receive this message:
    “4G_promo_pack has been activated. The offer is valid till YYMMDD HH:MM:SS”

    If your SIM is not compatible, you will receive this message:
    “Your SIM card needs to be UPGRADE to USIM. Please replace your SIM card from Nepal Telecom mobile counters. Thank You-Nepal Telecom”

  • I brought 4G/LTE smartphone from overseas. Does it still work on Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE network?
    Due to different 4G/LTE technology adopted by different operators around the world, your 4G/LTE smartphone might be configured to run only on a specific country’s 4G/LTE network and thus might not be compatible with Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE network. Please check your phone specification to ensure that your device operates on LTE 1800MHz band.
  • Does Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service cost more than 3G/2G service?
    No, the normal tariff for 4G data is same as 3G or 2G data service.Nepal Telecom frequently brings attractive data packages to our valued customers time and again. Please visit Nepal Telecom’s website for updates.
  • What will happen to my existing data package after I upgrade 4G/LTE service?
    You can continue enjoy your existing data package in all available Nepal Telecom’s GSM network.
  • What is the upload and download speeds that I can get with NT 4G/LTE?
    With NT 4G/LTE service your data experience will go to another level by providing you with the fastest mobile data connection. At this moment Nepal Telecom’s 4G/LTE service provides you with a speed upto 5x faster than its current 3G service.
  • What will happen if I move into an area with no 4G/LTE coverage?
    In areas where 4G/LTE has not been deployed, you will be seamlessly switched to Nepal Telecom’s 3G/2G connectivity.
  • Can I make a voice call and SMS when I am latched to 4G/LTE network?
    Yes, you can make normal voice call and SMS even if you are latched to 4G/LTE network.
  • Where do I complain regarding 4G/LTE service of NT?
    You can call our customer care center number 1498 for any queries regarding our 4G/LTE service.